Sportswear for the Street

For many years now sportswear has been a favourite look for both athletes and fashionistas and many of the top sports brands have capitalised on this association. Whether you are a gym bunny, love your aerobics, do yoga every morning or are simply a fan of the look and comfort of sportswear, then there are loads of cool and fashionable sporty pieces out there for you to choose from. Like with top fashion pieces it tends to be all about the brand and the label, so that is what tends to sell well.

Some of the top sportswear companies have also come up with some collaborations with various celebrities like Rihanna and Kanye which are incredibly smart marketing moves that make the most of the trend. There are always street wear aspects to any sportswear collection, so we’ve assembled some of our favourite pieces of sportswear that make the crossover into the street. Read on to find out some of the best picks out there.

Rihanna for Puma has resulted in the highly coveted Fenty collection that boasts some incredible footwear, accessories and apparel and which has been snapped up by fashionistas and Rihanna fans alike, and it certainly is cool and fashion forward. Her muted palette is perfect for her oversized designs that play and twist classic shapes, and also complement the eye-catching textures too. She single-handedly made outrageous creeper shoes a thing so it’s no surprise that we are now all embracing oversized hoodies too, like the incredible one above. Available in pink, green (seen above), white and black, this funky sweater features slouchy cold shoulders that are seriously trendy right now, ribbons and of course long sleeves. Priced at £139 this is undeniably one of the star’s designs and will look great with jeans or leggings.

One of the most long-standing collaborations of any sports brand is between global brand adidas and top designer Stella McCartney and it has also proved to have been enduringly popular. Her minimalistic designs and bold use of colours has always been innovative and paired with the technical aspects as found in sportswear, her creations are fantastic. If you want to invest in a cool piece of sportswear that will also tap into the sports luxe trend then you should get yourself something from her collection since it will also stand the test of time. These chic yoga sweat pants are cute and practical and cost a reasonable £54.95.

Bomber jackets are one of the classic pieces that first made the crossover from sports to street and since they are seriously in fashion at the moment, then why not invest in one. This lightweight number from Nike features a ribbed collar and cuffs and is ideal for casual wear. The cool black and grey design will go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe and the cropped style taps into that prevalent 90s trend. You can get this one from Sports Direct in the sale for just £35; for an even better deal though, make sure that you save a little by using some  Groupon discount codes  first.

So it is time to update your casualwear with some cool sportswear pieces – there are plenty out there!

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