Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Stylish Dads


Is your dad fashionable and stylish? or do you wish he had better style? Then this list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts is perfect for you when trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad.


A classic symbol of style is an elegant watch for your dad’s wrist. The Watch Shop has an extensive range of watches for you to choose the perfect one to suit your dads style.

They also feature watches from a range of prices depending on your budget, so if you want a more expensive gift, or your budget is a bit smaller you are sure to find something that suits your dad.


All dads tend to miraculously lose their socks and constantly require brand new ones. Why not treat him to some high quality designer socks from The London Sock Company’s Father’s Day collection.

This special collection specifically created for Father’s Day includes a designer pair of socks paired with a bottle of gin or matching pairs of socks for you and your dad.

London Sock Company also offer the option to buy a gift card to become part of their sock club. This allows whoever receives the gift card to activate an account, select sock preferences and then get socks delivered directly to their door every single month. This is a perfect option for dads who are constantly losing their socks and want a nice designer sock addition to their wardrobe.


Every dad needs some extravagant sleeping attire, so why not spoil him by getting him a quality pair of stylish pyjamas for his wardrobe such as these green tartan pyjama set by J Crew. These pyjamas are a fantastic addition and mean that your dad continues his stylishness, even when he has finished for the day and going to bed.


All dads need a really nice fancy and stylish shirt. There are many places to get nice designer shirts, including House of Fraser who have a collection of designer shirts in a range of colours and styles, you are sure to find something that is a perfect match for your dads taste.


If your dad goes and conducts business in a formal setting then this original leather-trimmed twill briefcase from Filson could be a perfect gift for his daily work activities.

Oy will be ideal for his daily commute or weekend travel, it has many compartments to accommodate a laptop, portfolio and paperback book.

Grooming Products

Nowadays it is not just women who have cosmetic and grooming products, men also dabble in some grooming of their own.

This Mr Porter grooming kit includes a lot of products that your dad could potentially use. Such as a shaving cream, moisturiser, instant fix eye lift gel, everyday skin balm, skin repair serum, face scrub, face cleanser, hair wax, shampoo, conditioner and a body cleanser.

Your dad may not want to use or require all of these products on a day to day basis, but getting him this kit gives him the option to give his hair and skin some TLC.


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